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Village Nová Ves u Chotěboře was founded in thirteen-century and lays close to the river Doubrava in Czech and Moravian Highlands.  Above the village rests Železné Hory. It is a village, which can be found everywhere around us, but it can not be said about all that they are all interesting.  Some can have preserved historical sight, some can be interesting by the place where they are located or where they were founded. Nová Ves has a very rich history, which is given by few remaining historical sights and of course the village does not live only from the history, but in the reality, which is reflected by modern construction.

Settlement and the foundation of Nová Ves

Nová Ves, which lays above the valley of Doubrava, is settled from about 1st half of twelve century.  Until that time Czech and Moravian Highlands were never settled because here was very rough climate and the highlands were covered by a thick forest where only very narrow path went through. First inhabitants came to the valley of Doubrava only when in year 1125 earl Vilem from Sulzbach has founded a monastery. In year 1288 knight Mstislav from a castle Chlumek by Caslav bought monastery’s land and has founded here a village. Knight Mstislav is; therefore, a straight founder of the village Nova Ves and year 1288 is a year of its foundation.  By local tale is the foundation of the village tightly related to the dissolved village on not far rise of Rouzen. There are two versions of a tale about Rouzen. In first, there is said that the settlement Rouzen was destroyed in fights in 1279 after the fall of Czech king Premysl Otakar II. on Moravian field. Second version says that it happened that way after the invasion of Matyas Korvin of our land in year 1469. In some scientist works ("Sights archeological year 10". "Rounik" "List of dissolved settlements") both facts are combined. They claim that the village was first burned down in year 1279 and after that was built again and definitely destroyed in year 1469 and was not renovated in that location because of the limited supply of water. Local tale also ads that new location was founded about a kilometer further from Rouzen and was called Nova Ves.

Name Nova Ves

Nová Ves was originally called Fojtova Ves, German Voitsdof  and was founded on the land of previous village in Rouzeň. Name Nová Ves was accepted later, maybe as a remembrance of an old village on Rouzeň. In the document from year 1554 it is called as Nová Ves behind Chotěboř, later it is called Nová Ves close to Chotěboře, and from year 1654 it is called Nova Ves by Chotěboř.

A history of Nová Ves

As it was once said knight Mstislav bought a land from monastery, on which a village Nová Ves was later founded. Next news about the village we have then from yar 1421 when monastery was destroyed by Zizka’s soldiers. In that time village belonged to Jan Hertvin from Rusinov who bought all the courts and domains that previously belonged to the monastery. In year 1463 Nova Ves became a part of domain of one most important ancestry - ancestry of Trcek from Lipa. His economic activity center became castle Lipnice by German Brod (today’s Havlickuv Brod). In that time also was built route that connected Nova Ves with Lipnice and German Brod, and they named it Brod’s. Mikulas Trcka from Lipa bought later a castle Lichnice in Caslav region, which was became an economic center instead of a castle Lipnice. After death of Mikulas Trcka in year 1515, the Lichnice was inherited by his ancestry with an origin in Vlasim and in year 1539 Lichnice was given to the belonging of ancestry of Lipnice. From that time a route that went from Nova Ves to German Brod came to life. In year 1589 Trkas moved to a castle in Svetla and they remained over there until a year 1634.  In year 1638 Nová Ves was given to Erazim Lehnar who owned a domain Kluky in Caslav region.

After his death the assets were inherited by his widow Eufernie and she later bequeathed domain Kluky and Nová Ves to daughter Eva Marie. Eva Marie still owned Nová Ves in year 1646. Next knowledge of Nová Ves is from year 1653 when Nová Ves belonged with Skuhrovec to Bratčice (in Caslav region) and its owner was knight Stastny Smerhovsky with wife Ludmila. He soon died and left six children behind. The oldest son became an owner of Bratčice and Nová Ves with Skuhrovec was sold to widow Ludmila. She owned it from year 1674. It is not known who was the owner of Nová Ves in years 1674 and 1706. Until the year 1707 an owner became single gentleman Antonin Frantisek Puteani who was very strict and his subjects did not like him because he took land that belonged to some of them and they had to give him a part of their harvest. On the taken property he built court, which he called New Court. In year 1709 a single guy Albrecht Kapoun from Zubri and Svojkov bought Nová Ves. He owned land Zastrani and Podlesi built and also he built a castle. Next owner of Nová Ves became in year 1746 earl Frantisek Vaclav Haugvitz and some time after him Sir Haymete became a earl.  It was about in years 1756 - 1775. By the documents he is signed without a first name on the documents. We don’t know anything about him and no sights remained after him. In year 1775 knight Jiri from Mullensdorf bought the domain and there is his tombstone placed o the wall of the church of Saint Jakub from Chotěboř. After his death, relative Donat from Mullensdorf sold Nová Ves in year 1791 to Vacla Exner, about whom no readings were discovered. Seven years later ancestry of Barons from Fin came. First owner of the whole domain was Fin ancestry, Frantisek de Fin. Later his wife Johana became the owner of the domain. She died very early and domain was inherited by her son Jan de Fin. Lady Johana deserves lots of appreciation and glory because she got the school built in year 1953, two years later a church was being built and also cemetery was built. (Nová Ves was not anymore dependent on Herman, where there was the only cemetary in in all surrounding land).

In year 1835 an owner of the castle and estate in Nová Ves became ancestry Bergeru. In year 1873 baron Mayran bought estate. He then let the new castle be built. Old castle was demolished and only garden house was left. New castle was built by the plan of the builder from Vienna who brought with him his workers and the whole construction took from 04/01 to 08/01/1880. After death of baron Mayran in year 1894, Ing. Alois Mixa with wife Anna bought the castle. Anna, born Vondrackova, who came from Coal Baron ancestry in Ostravsko. In that time, lots of visitors would get together. It was because his both daughters Jarmila Stastna and Terezie Koseova had certain art talent; they studied at private Art and Sculpture schools in Prague, and they were inviting their friends and teacher to the castle in Nová Ves. Lady Terezie Koseova wrote some lyrical books with pseudonym Terezie Dubrovska and in that time was piano virtuoso. Last owner of the castle was Ludmila Mixova, married Hippeau who in year 1951 left with daughter Ludmila to France.

In year 1948 the castle and domain became the ownership of the Czechoslovakian Republic. In year 1951 the castle was taken over for the social reasons and the castle was adjusted to the needs of the fully functioning Children’s home.

A history of the schooling in Nova Ves u Chotebore

The village was dependant on Herman. In year 1813 Johana, single woman from Fin, gave Gamekeeper’s lodge as a gift to New Czech People, and they turned it into a school. First teacher was Jan Anderle. At school there were 91 children at that time. Second teacher was Jan Dolezal, and then the position of a teacher was taken over by his son Frantisek Dolezal. In this time parents paid some amount of money "sobtales"  for their children based on the child’s age.

November the 13, 1904 they started to teach 201 children in a new school. In year 1907 school was decorated by the statue of a Teacher of Nations J. A. Komensky. They borrowed 150 Czech crowns, and school earned the money by doing two theatre performances.  Next interesting acknowledgement is, that from the school year 1903 a gym class for the girls became a part of the curriculum. Until that time only the boys had the gym class. In year 1926 Ludvik Zajicek was the school’s headmaster. 116 kids were listed to be attending school at that time. In year 1927 Frantisek Pibil became a new headmaster. In year 1939 Josef Soucek became a next headmaster and after that it was Bohumila Souckova in such position. In year 1945 Ladislav Koutny came to school to be a new headmaster. In year 1965 Danuse Filipova took over the

Management. In year 1979 Ludmila Jindrova was placed into the school’s management. In year 1991 Jaroslav Vitek was assigned into a position of headmaster in Nova Ves’s elementary school. From year 1999 school’s new headmaster is Mgr. Ilona Markova.

In year 2003 a school became a legal subject and as donation organization. Nova Ves u Chotebore is the head of this organization.

Nowadays school is divided into three classes, it has fully equipped gym, school playground, computer study room, and school cafeteria. There is also fully functioning after school care that is mostly meant for the relaxation and rest of the students. In school there are some interesting after school activities, which are not only led by the teachers but also help is received by some of the parents. School organizes many social events for the public and some social events became a tradition. For example, school performances, Christmas concert, Children’s costume party, Children’s day. Students welcome newborns of the village through their cultural performance. Some of the school activities are competitions (recitation, knowledge, sport, art, and singing competitions), school in nature, visitation of the exhibitions and Cultural performances, and educational projects.

Due to the existence of the Children’s home in the village, children from the Children’s home go to our school. Cooperation with the management of the Children’s home and its governesses in on the good level and Elementary school is trying to financially help to these children through donation of money from Christmas concert. School also cooperates with Preschool in Viska, and schools in Malec, Libice, and Vilemov.

Primary School - Grades 1 - 5
Phone: 569 621 519
Headmistress: Ms. Ilona Marková, Mgr.
Pupils: 48.

Basic Information

Location of Nová Ves near Chotěboř

Nová Ves has a very good location in terms of a wonderful surrounding countryside. The Iron Mountains rise up in the North and mingle with the Iron Mountain Protected Landscape Area, where many interesting historical and natural features can be found, e.g. Polom, Oheb, Lichnice, and Lipka. A small historically rich town called Vilémov lies to the South-West. To the North-East of Nová Ves lies a beautiful rock valley called Údolí Doubravy, and to the South lie many forests along the uplands.

Entire name: Obec Nová Ves u Chotěboře
Established in accordance with the Act on Municipalities No. 128/2000 Coll. (local government), Sections 1 and 2

Mayor: Mrs. Andrea Culková
Phone: 569621528
E-mail: obec@novavesuchot.cz
Population: 553 (2022)

Local Neighborhoods of Nová Ves near Chotěboř

Local municipality: Nový Dvůr
This part was built in 1718-1733.
Population: 38

Detached parts


The first written record dates back to 1347.
Population: 2


This used to be an independent municipality and was built in 1718-1733.
Population: 2


Independent municipality built in 1718-1733.
Population: 3

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